Saturday, 3 September 2011

Bread Baking Battle Verdict

Well, the results are in for the bread making bake off.


Ok, so the judge was my friend Nancy, who may have been slightly concerned at the idea of weeks of permanent foul mood induced by my losing my baking crown, but hey, I still won! 

And we did everything properly, sending anonymised pictures to her to judge so she didnt know which was which when she made her decision.

So I present to you, dear people, the winning foccacia:

And here is The Boy's runner up effort (which I have to say is very impressive, and probably a more worthy winner than mine, but that's not the point)

Note the kitchen paper backgrounds to blind the results for the judge. We took this competition seriously, you know.

The recipe I used was from the very wonderful Lorraine Pascal, and can be found here.

And as an extra special bonus (and to buy me a few more moments of smugness in my success), here are some more photos of the baking process

I have also made some soda bread tonight, but i'm now too full of fresh focaccia to write a post about that right now.

Love and joy to the world, for I am a winner,

Hayley xxxx

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