Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Peanut Butter Withdrawal

Oh, here's something to report.

I have decided to give up peanut butter. My beloved, delicious, happiness-giving peanut butter.

I just love it too much. I have far too much of it, and moderation is unlikely to be an option.

In the manner of the 12 steps, I have admitted i have a problem, have thought of those I have hurt due to the problem (Namely my colleague, who's peanut butter i stole to eat with a spoon surreptitiously in the kitchen at work once) and will make amends (buy him some peanut butter). I don't believe in God, so my higher power is Maru, the box loving gorgeously round cat.

So far, it's been ok. The first day i found myself google imaging pictures of peanut butter. The secind day i got the shakes. But so far, I haven't given in.

Hayley xxx

Severe Reprimands are required

I know, I know dear blog friends, I have been seriously neglecting you and am outrightly flouting the code of Blog Pact.

You know how it is over Christmas.

In the meantime, let me direct you to the Private Pie blog, which has a write-up of our first ever meeting.

Eventually, I'll get round to posting the recipe for my much-loved christmas pie.

I think my New Year's Resolution is obvious- BLOG MORE!

Thanks for being patient

Hayley xxx