Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Peanut Butter Withdrawal

Oh, here's something to report.

I have decided to give up peanut butter. My beloved, delicious, happiness-giving peanut butter.

I just love it too much. I have far too much of it, and moderation is unlikely to be an option.

In the manner of the 12 steps, I have admitted i have a problem, have thought of those I have hurt due to the problem (Namely my colleague, who's peanut butter i stole to eat with a spoon surreptitiously in the kitchen at work once) and will make amends (buy him some peanut butter). I don't believe in God, so my higher power is Maru, the box loving gorgeously round cat.

So far, it's been ok. The first day i found myself google imaging pictures of peanut butter. The secind day i got the shakes. But so far, I haven't given in.

Hayley xxx

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