Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Bread Baking Battle Begins

Who's silly idea was this? Oh, mine.

I am typing this as a way to pass the time whilst nervously waiting for some bread to prove.

I wanted to bake something today, the Boyf also wanted to bake something today. He is in London, I am in Newcastle. So in a moment of confidence, I suggested we both bake the same thing in a bake-off type fashion, and we decided on some focaccia bread because that was on the Great British Bake-Off the other night.

We have independent judges and everything.

Now i'm thinking, a lot is riding on this. My reputation as a baking queen vs he who has never made bread, females vs males, Northerners vs Southerners. Pressure indeed. Its been years since i've bothered making my own bread.

Results, recipes etc to follow.


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