Thursday, 25 August 2011

Overdosing on Cake!

So, a few weeks ago I received an invite from a wonderful friend called Umbereen to.. ssssshhhhhh..... a Clandestine Cake Club....

A....Secret....Cake... Club..... a Club, of Cake? hmmmm yes please!!

Actually, it turns out that the Clandestine Cake Club (CCC to those in the know) isn't really that secret, with a website and everything. There are events all over the UK You can also find

So, I took my friend Nancy as my non-baking guest, and off we went to the location. One of my other friends, Frankie, was also there with her lovely (and very technologically advanced) mum.

Well, really. It was like a dream of cake.

There was cake here, cake there, and cake everywhere. And they all looked very beautiful. The theme for the evening was cakes you've always dreamed of... my cake was a gin and tonic cake, as i really don't think i can think of anything better than gin, and cake, together. More on my cake later.

So we ate some cake. A lot of cake, and we had some lovely chats, and then more cake, and also some tea. Then we felt rather nicely sick and went home (taking lots more cake with us). 

I would go into the merits of each type of cake, but my attention span is quite rubbish at the moment, so i think i'm going to split this wonderful event into a few different posts.. Also you can find a lovely write-up of the event on Lisa's blog (she set up the Newcastle branch of the CCC) here:

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  1. Hi Hayley - thanks for the write up, I did wonder how your cake was made :)
    I also ate far too much cake, but once a month is better than every week :)